Ferien, Urlaub, Erholung in Suhl-Goldlauter

Vacation house of Lothar Gressler

2 beds with extra bed possible; size 325 sq. ft., 2 floors, bedroom shower in bathroom, living room with cooking facilities including refrigerator, electric stove, coffee machine, and sink. Charcoal grill, garden and garden furniture Hollywood swing, sausage roaster. Bicycle rental $1.00 per day Rental from April to October

Quiet garden setting in the middle of Goldlauter, southern slope, 3 km from Rennsteig

Fuhrmannstr. 18, D-98528 Suhl-Goldlauter
Tel. +49 3681 42517, Fax +49 3681 42521
eMail: gressler@wopptei.de

Cost per night:
$40 (or 35 Euros) for the whole house
Extra bed (a tiny third bed): $7 (or 5 Euros)

View of the bungalow

View of other bungalows from the balcony

View of the parking lot from the bungalow

View of other bungalows from the balcony

Summerhouse--view from northwest

Cooking appliances in the living room

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