Goldlauterer, die jetzt Amerikaner sind

I put the first pages about Goldlauter on the Internet in 1995.
Based on these pages up until today, about 20 U.S.-Americans, who had ancestors from Goldlauter and/or Heidersbach, have reported to me about themselves. In the meantime, however, I have personally come to know some of them solely via e-mail correspondence. Often it turned out from the first reports on the ancestors of these new U.S. citizens that they were also my ancestors, and that is also true of the overall picture. Incidentally some interesting details have emerged, for example the cemetery in Clackamas County, Oregon, USA, bears the name "Schübel Cemetery," this name from Gustav Robert Schübel (emigrated 1862 from Heidersbach)

The top picture shows Friedrich Edward Weiss (born 24 June 1840 in Goldlauter) with his wife Ämilie Hulda Weiss (born 26 Sep.1839) and their 7 children in the photo, which was taken in 1886 in the Chicago area. Friedrich Eduard and Hulda came to Illinois with their respective parents about 1851. As a side note: Hulda is the sister of the Petersch' Emil, a well known original "Wopper".
This photo comes of Alf Loran Olsen, Seattle.

I received the bottom photos from Sheryll Jeffers, whose ancestors also come from Goldlauter. Friedrich Lorenz Weiss (born 5 May 1818 in Goldlauter) and Johanna Laurette, known as "Laura," Weiss (born 17 June 1822) emigrated between 1847 and 1852 and died 1882 in Maywood, Illinois, USA. Below on the right is son Heinrich Christian Weiss, known as "Henry," with his wife Anna.

The last picture shows Lorenz Christian Hornschuch together with his Wilhelmine Lucinde "Mina" [Günther]. Christian arrived 26-Apr-1861 with age of 14 years along with his mother Rosanna and with his sisters Emilie and Rosamunde with the ship "Ottilie" in New York. They settled in Pennsylvania. There were brother Eduard (he left Heidersbach one year ago) and the oldest brother Christian Lorenz (left Heidersbach in 1852 yet) waiting to the rest of their family. In 1870 Lorenz Christian Hornschuch married Mina Günther. She also came from Heidersbach and arrived in 1861 with the same ship (together with her father Ernst, her mom and 4 further siblings). Christian and Mina procreated 10 children in America (Henry, Emil, Edward, Theodore, Rose, Lawrence, Adeline, Otto, Albert, and Lydia). All of them didn't die before age of 18!

Most inhabitants of Goldlauter-Heidersbach left their homeland between 1850 and 1866 for America. The primary harbors in Germany for the ocean voyages were Bremen and Hamburg. The Bremen passenger list either was destroyed or made otherwise unattainable. This fact can become borne out if one reasons that in the USA port records were made of all arrivals. The primary port in the USA was New York, however some ships also landed in New Orleans, Baltimore, Boston or Philadelphia.

Why were there so many Woppers who emigrated to America?
The population grew rapidly in the 19th century at the time after the Napoleonic wars. Before 1830 the people came almost exclusively out of southwest Germany (Württemberg, Baden, Bavaria), because in these regions the population had increased the quickest. From 1840, more and more also came from northwest Germany, for example unemployed textile workers and farmers. From 1850, the departure wave also spread from the other zones of Germany. If one considers, that the population of Germany doubled (in spite of emigration!!!) between 1840 and 1910 from 32.8 millions to 64.9 million, one can understand that it became "too tight." The large exodus between 1847 and 1855 was the result of crop failures, increase in food costs, famine, political instability and the rapid decline in the standard of living. Lt. William Filby, director of the Maryland Historical Society, says that between 1850 and 1893 more than 4 million Germans came to America.

On Ascension Day 1850 (9 May) 13 inhabitants of Goldlauter left their homeland for America. On 8 April 1852, 6 more followed. Later, all Americans who were born in Goldlauter or Heidersbach and died in America are listed. There are also some who left and then returned to Goldlauter. These repatriates are not itemized, as are children who died before attaining the age of 14. The date of the fact sheets is April 2001. Sources include "Passenger and Immigration Lists, Germans to America, 1850-1874," as well as the many Americans who made the data of their ancestors available to me. Most special thanks in this regard to Mr. Al Williams of California! The following listing is certainly not complete, but I work hard at it ;-))

Emigrants from Goldlauter/Heidersbach

Information received from descendants of these ole Woppers:

  1. Becher, Christian (born in Goldlauter, married Berta Auguste Weiss 21-May-1888 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  2. Becher, Friedrich Wilhelm (born 20-Sep-1843 in Goldlauter, died 26-Apr-1915 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  3. Ebert, Johann Friedrich Christian (born 22-Nov-1807 in Goldlauter, died 15-Mar-1892 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  4. Ebert, Ernst Heinrich (born 2-Mar-1831 in Goldlauter, died 9-Dec-1911 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  5. Ebert, Laurette Rufine Louise (born 27-Nov-1839 in Goldlauter, died 10-Oct-1918 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  6. Gering, Heinrich Ernst Emil (born 21-Jul-1845 in Heidersbach, died 8-Nov-1909 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)
  7. Günther, Emil Eduard (born 24-Feb-1858 in Heidersbach, died in Pennsylvania, USA)
  8. Günther, Friedrich Ernst (born 31-Mar-1827 in Goldlauter, died 11-Feb-1889 in Clackamas County, Oregon, USA)
  9. Günther, Friedrich Ernst (born 18-May-1850 in Heidersbach, died 23-Jan-1924 in Pennsylvania, USA)
  10. Günther, Johann Heinrich (born 9-Mar-1822 in Goldlauter, died 9-May-1906 in Clackamas County, Oregon, USA)
  11. Günther, Wilhelm Eduard (born 15-Oct-1855 in Heidersbach, died 30-Mar-1914 in Clackamas County, Oregon, USA)
  12. Günther, Wilhelmine Lucinde "Mina" (born 24-Nov-1852 in Heidersbach, died 12-Nov-1917 in Salem, Oregon, USA)
  13. Heym, Aurelie Philippine (born 17-Dec-1817 in Goldlauter, died 1-Feb-1900 in Webster County, Iowa, USA)
  14. Heym, Mr. (born in Goldlauter, married Elisabetha Katherine Kirchner in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  15. Hornschuch, Anna Maria (born 27-Mar-1828 in Heidersbach, died bef 1900 in Clackamas County, Oregon, USA)
  16. Hornschuch, Johann Eduard (born 19-Jul-1835 in Heidersbach, died 27.-Aug-1895 in Clackamas County, Oregon, USA)
  17. Hornschuch, Christian Lorenz (born 12-Jan-1833 in Heidersbach, died 1-Jun-1907 in Clackamas County, Oregon, USA)
  18. Hornschuch, Lorenz Christian (born 5-Sep-1847 in Heidersbach, died 1-Dec-1911 in Clackamas County, Oregon, USA)
  19. Hornschuch, Pauline (geb. Cramer, wife of Joh.Ed. Hornschuch) (born 1837, died 2-Jul-1888 in Clackamas Co., Oregon, USA)
  20. Hornschuch, Rosamunde Wilhelmine (born 14.-Aug-1830 in Heidersbach, died aft 1900 in Clackamas County, Oregon, USA)
  21. Keller, Friedrich Rudolph (born 17-Apr-1832 in Goldlauter, died 10-Oct-1899 in Ashland, Pennsylvania, USA)
  22. Keller, Rudolph (born 17-Apr-1827 in Goldlauter, died 24-Nov-1883 in Ashland, Pennsylvania, USA)
  23. Kirchner, Elisabetha Katherine (born 2-May-1826 in Goldlauter, died 22-Jan-1912 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  24. Kleinlein, Johanne Rosine Sophie (born 10-Oct-1805 in Heidersbach, died vor 1876 in Shuykill Co., Pennsyslvania, USA)
  25. Kolb, Ernst Friedrich August (born 20-Oct-1839 in Dreitzsch, died 20-Feb-1913 in Meeme, Wisconsin, USA)
  26. Kolb, Friedrich Ferdinand (born 1855 in Goldlauter, married Augusta Cath. Will from Goldl. in Renbeck, Iowa; died 1943 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  27. Kolb, Johann Friedrich (born 13-Jul-1791 in Goldlauter, died 18-Jun-1871 in Wisconsin, USA -> had 55 Grandchildren!!)
  28. Kolb, Katharina Maria (born 28-May-1809 in Goldlauter, married Gottgetreu Weiss 17-Apr-1833 in Goldlauter, died 23-Oct-1886 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  29. Kolb, Maria (born in Goldlauter, married Gottgetreu Weiss 1884 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  30. Kolb, Traugott Wilhelm (born 1-Sep-1814 in Goldlauter, died 13-Apr-1895 in Webster County, Iowa, USA)
  31. Kolb, Wilhelm August (born 5-Jan-1861 in Goldlauter, died 24-Oct-1947 in Santa Monica, California, USA)
  32. Kolb, Wilhelm Friedrich (born 11-Aug-1841 in Goldlauter, died 14-Apr-1920 in Webster County, Iowa, USA)
  33. Marr, Ernst Lucian (born 2-Feb-1830 in Goldlauter, died in Eldorado, Iowa, USA)
  34. Pochert, Christian Erhart (born 18-Sep-1830 in Goldlauter, died 2-Mar-1901 in Huron County, Michigan, USA)
  35. Pochert, Lucien Lewie "Louis" (born 11-May-1832 in Goldlauter, died 20-Jan-1879 in Huron County, Michigan, USA)
  36. Pochert, Maria Augusta (born 20-Aug-1838 in Goldlauter, died 31-Mar-1902 in Detroit, Michigan, USA)
  37. Pochert, Wilhelm C. (born 7-Jun-1843 in Goldlauter, died 7-Feb-1927 in Huron County, Michigan, USA)
  38. Schübel, Gustav Robert (born 1828 in Goldlauter, died Juli 1897 in Clackamas County, Oregon, USA)
  39. Schübel, Hedwig (born 1854 in Heidersbach, died in Pennsylvania, USA)
  40. Störmer, Lauretta Natalie (born 11-Jun-1837 in Goldlauter, died 29-Dec-1902 in Ashland, Pennsylvania, USA)
  41. Störmer, Wilhelmine Friederike (born 28-Jul-1833 in Goldlauter, died 19-Oct-1910 in Ashland, Pennsylvania, USA)
  42. Weiß, Anna Christine (born 31-Mar-1809 in Goldlauter, died 11-Apr-1895 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  43. Weiß, Ämilie Hulda (born 23-Sep-1839 in Goldlauter, died 28-Jun-1914 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  44. Weiß, Bertha Auguste (born 8-Mar-1868 in Goldlauter, married Christian Becher 21-May-1888 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  45. Weiß, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm (born 1839 in Goldlauter, died in Sandusky, Ohio, USA)
  46. Weiß, Friedrich Eduard (born 24-Jun-1840 in Goldlauter, died 11-Nov-1908 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  47. Weiß, Friedrich Emil (born 2-Feb-1846 in Goldlauter, died in Sandusky, Ohio, USA)
  48. Weiß, Friedrich Heinrich Robert (born about 1843 in Goldlauter, died in Sandusky, Ohio, USA)
  49. Weiß, Friedrich Immanuel (born about 1841 in Goldlauter, died in Sandusky, Ohio, USA)
  50. Weiß, Friedrich Lorenz (born 5-Mar-1818 in Goldlauter, died 28-Sep-1892 in Maywood, Illinois, USA)
  51. Weiß, Gottgetreu (born 28-Mar-1808 in Goldlauter, died 13-Oct-1886 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  52. Weiß, Johann Philipp (born 21-Feb-1816 in Goldlauter, came with 5 little children, died in Sandusky, Ohio, USA)
  53. Weiß, Johanna Lauretta "Laura" (born 17-Feb-1822 in Goldlauter, married Friedrich Lorenz Weiß 17-Oct-1847 in Goldlauter; died 11-Feb-1882 in Maywood, Illinois, USA)
  54. Weiß, Maria Christiane Adelheid (born about 1847 in Goldlauter, died in Sandusky, Ohio, USA)
  55. Will, Augusta Catherina (born in Goldlauter, married Friedrich Ferdinand Kolb 1877 in Renbeck Ohio, died 2-Apr-1935 in Lodi, California, USA)
  56. Will, Catharina Maria (born 1816 in Goldlauter, came with 5 little children, died in Sandusky, Ohio, USA)
  57. Will, Christian Friedrich (born 11-Nov-1821 in Goldlauter, married Friedericke Katharine Will in Goldlauter, died 17-Mar-1895 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  58. Will, Christian Ernst (born 1821 in Goldlauter, died 1895 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  59. Will, Ernestine Lavantine (born in Goldlauter, married Wilhelm Friedrich Kolb 1864 in Goldlauter, died in Webster Co, Iowa, USA)
  60. Will, Friedericke Katharine (born 11-Feb-1823 in Goldlauter, married Christian Friedrich Will in Goldlauter, died 15-Feb-1905 in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  61. Will, Friedrich Gottgetreu (born 30-Oct-1862 in Goldlauter, married Dorothea Sophie Henrietta Duker in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA)
  62. Will, Laurette "Donna" (born 27-Feb-1843 in Goldlauter, died in Huron County, Michigan, USA)
  63. Brühl, Tillie Ruth (born 30-Sep-1918 in Goldlauter, died 20-Mar-1993 in Canton, Fulton Co., Illinois, USA)
Passengers List of the Ship Guttenburg,
arriving 5-Jul-1850 in New York (from Hamburg):
  1. Keller, Heinrich David, born 1823 in Heidersbach, married Maria Eleonore Weß 4-Oct-1846 in Heidersbach
  2. Weiß, Maria Eleonore, born 1823 in Heidersbach, married Heinrich David Keller 4-Oct-1846 in Heidersbach
  3. Keller, Friedrich, 9 months old (born 1849 in Heidersbach, Son of Heinrich & Eleonore Keller)
  4. Kolb, Siegfried, 27 years old (born ca 1823 in Goldlauter)
  5. Kolb, Wilhelmine, 18 years old (born ca 1832 in Goldlauter)
  6. Schübel, Friedrich Ferdinand, 27 years old (born ca 1823 in Goldlauter)
  7. Weiß, Catharina, 54 years old (born ca 1796 in Goldlauter)
  8. Weiß, Gustav, 38 years old (born ca 1812 in Goldlauter)
  9. Weiß, Gottfried, 30 years old (born ca 1820 in Goldlauter)
  10. Weiß, Friedrich, 16 years old (born ca 1834 in Goldlauter)
  11. Weiß, Laurette, 8 years old (born ca 1842 in Goldlauter)
  12. Weiß, Maria, 35 years old (born ca 1815 in Goldlauter)
Passengers List of the Ship Geestemunde,
arriving 7-Jun-1861 in New York (from Bremen):
  1. Krug, Christian Wilhelm, 52 years old (born ca 1809 in Goldlauter, married 9-Nov-1834 Rosine Friedericka Pauline Rondthaler in Goldlauter, died 1874 in Boone County, Iowa, USA)
  2. Rondthaler, Rosine Friedericka Pauline, born 14-Sep-1815 in Goldlauter, married 9-Nov-1834 Christian Wilhelm Krug in Goldlauter, died 6-Nov-1886 in Iowa, USA)
  3. Krug, Rosamunde, 18 years old (born ca 1843 in Goldlauter, married Mr. Buckwold in USA)
  4. Krug, Ernestine, 16 years old (born ca 1845 in Goldlauter, married Mr. Becker in USA)
  5. Krug, Gottgetreu, 13 years old (born ca 1848 in Goldlauter, died in USA)
  6. Krug, Ernst Emil, 11 years old (born ca 1850 in Goldlauter, died in USA)
  7. Krug, Heinrich Bernhard "Henry", 9 years old (born 7-Jul-1852 in Goldlauter, married 29-Mar-1881 Anna Cathryn Martens in Boone Co. (Iowa, USA), died 10-Jul-1916 in Rockford, Washington, USA)
  8. Krug, Ernst Friedrich, 7 years old (born 13-Oct-1854 in Goldlauter, died 1896 in Boone County, Iowa, USA)
  9. Krug, Augusta, 5 years old (born ca 1856 in Goldlauter, married 22-Sep-1876 Michael Leininger in Boone County, USA)
Thanks to Kelly Gilbert

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