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Lothar Gressler
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Goldlauter as a vacation spot was known as early as 1953. In that year 1100 people came here, mainly in the summer months, seeking clean fresh air to breathe. In the 60's and '70's about 5000 vacationers came annually, again primarily because of the healthy mountain air and the lovely surroundings around Goldlauter-Heidersbach. The place was well-known far and wide for its neatness and the hospitality of its citizens. And thus it was that on May 29, 1974, the community of Goldlauter was the first recipient of the title "Publicly Acclaimed Recreational Area."

Goldlauter lies directly below the Rennsteig and has certainly been predestined for recognition of country and citizens alike. The Rennsteig song of Herbert Roth (for text see below) is well-known to probably every nature-lover in Germany. It is no miracle that Herbert Roth succeeded in composing such a popular song in the beautiful natural setting along the Rennsteig -- it being only 4 km distant from Goldlauter.
Here is an attractive Rennsteig map.

Goldlauter-Heidersbach is easy to reach (see Geography), but nevertheless concealed in the forest. Therefore the place is spared extensive crowds because one simply cannot easily find it. A person can undertake extended walking tours of all kinds from here. Everyone is sincerely invited to explore the scenically beautiful area of this mountain range in the Thüringer Forest. Hiking buffs can obtain the manual "Hiking in Goldlauter-Heidersbach" from the Tourist Office in Goldlauter-Heidersbach (phone +49 3681 461522). Whether you prefer a short walk, half-day or full-day hikes, the manual is good for each and every taste.

A special attraction of the area is the Bergbau [mining] trail in the Pochwerksgrund that can evaluated by many information sources regarding mining stories and geology. Even Goethe was enthused by the lovely landscape and the wonderful visibility that offered itself to him. In the Pochwerksgrund, sloping deposits with impressions of fossils are found at the beginning of the Biosphärenreservat Vessertal region. From here there are choices of many trails to the forest Inn on Geiersberg, to the Skibaude, or to the Schmücke on the Rennsteig.

However, Goldlauter offers much, much more:
the Ski Stadium with its long ski jump, the ski lift at Salzberg (over 1000m in length), the sailplane airport, the Swim Spa in Heidersbach [Waldbad (Forest Spa)] where volleyball may also be played, or Riesenschach [Giant Chess], plus the extensive Meadow Valleys with trout ponds and many good hiking trails.

For whom this is not enough, within10 kilometers one may explore the Rennsteig Garden at Rondell, the Hochmoor [high bog], the toboggan- and bobsled runs in Oberhof, the hunting weapons and vehicle museums in Suhl, plus the Rinenberg Hotel with its fantastisic lookout.

The Rennsteig Song, Melody: Herbert Roth, Suhl; Lyrics: Kurt Müller, Suhl (Melody known in America as "I Am A Happy Wanderer")

I hike so happily on the Rennsteig through the country,
My packsack on my back, my stick in my hand.
I am a lusty hiking man, so totally unencumbered.
My song rings through shrub and trees that hear it gladly.

This way on the Heights I often went
Singing songs of little birds.
I am in the world I desire,
Thüringer forest only after you

Through beech, spruces, firs, I yell into the day,
Meeting many friends, they are of my kind.
I yodel jollily into the valley, the echo coming back.
The Rennsteig gives one and only good luck hikes.

This way on the Heights I often went...

At clear silver streams many a millwheel revolves,
I holler out when the warm sun sinks.
I remain as long as I like and call it out to all:
Prettiest spot in the world, there I find I my peace.

This way on the Heights I often went...

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